Bureau of Land Management employees continue to make changes at the space they rent from the Challis school district, some of which Challis schools Superintendent Lani Rembelski listed off at the school board’s Dec. 11 meeting.

BLM officials asked Rembelski to conduct an environmental inspection of the property, which she said cost the district $2,050. Brenda Magnuson with Sage Environmental Services from Boise conducted the inspection to ensure the property meets BLM standards.

The federal workers want the school district to have a reserve of $750,000 for any modifications that need to be made to the property. Rembelski said the majority of the property is already in line with BLM standards, but the BLM wants to expand the wareyard and construct a new warehouse on school property. Rembelski told school board members the district doesn’t have that kind of money, so further talks with the BLM are necessary.

Since 2017 BLM employees have worked out of the Challis middle school building under a lease agreement with the district. The district is paid $70,000 a year in rent by the BLM. Negotiations to extend the lease another 20 years are underway.

In another report to the board, Rembelski said the high school roof repairs are going well. Doug O’Myer Construction workers put down an ice shield and are working on the fascia. The $198,000 project is expected to be ready for final inspection this week. The high school roof lost 40 feet of metal sheeting in a Sept. 6 storm, leaving a section of the gymnasium exposed.