An expanded lease between the Challis school district and the Bureau of Land Management means an additional $52,742 in revenue annually, school board members learned last week.

The BLM is leasing additional office space inside the middle school building on Main street and land behind the building where the agency built a parking lot and ware yard. The BLM has leased office space for a few years, but the additional space means higher monthly rent paid to the district. With the relocation of the school district offices into the elementary school, the middle school building has available space.

According to Challis Superintendent Lani Rembelski, the BLM had previously paid $8,500 a month in rent, or $102,000 a year. Under the new agreement, the BLM will pay slightly more than $12,895 per month — $154,742 a year.

The parking lot site had been a T-ball field, Rembelski said. Another baseball field at the middle school building remains in place. A new T-ball field is being built at Challis Elementary School, just west of the existing basketball court, Rembelski said.

Rembelski said it makes financial sense to ask the city of Challis to remove an unused water meter behind the middle school building near Ninth Street and to install a new meter near Seventh Street to feed a hydrant for the new parking lot. Removing the old meter, which has not been used for 30 years, will save the school district a monthly meter charge, she said.

School board members also learned Challis High School seniors will present their senior projects to the public on Thursday, Dec. 13. Senior Class Adviser Debbie Sheppeard said finalists are scheduled to present just after lunch.

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