Challis School District board members will hear the results of a survey on the possible sale of the middle school building at their 5 p.m. Oct. 13 meeting in the Challis Elementary School.

Superintendent Lani Rembelski said the survey asked two questions: Should district personnel sell the building and why or why not. Rembelski said her staff posted the survey on Facebook and used the district’s robocall system and an inventory of parents’ emails to gather opinions.

The questions were posed because Boyd Watterson Assets Management real estate agents from Columbus, Ohio, have expressed an interest in purchasing the 40-year-old building. That agency wants to continue leasing space in the building to the Bureau of Land Management. BLM officials are currently negotiating a 20-year lease extension with the school district.

Survey responses will be presented to board members next week. Rembelski said next will be another public hearing.

If the building is sold, a public bid process will be followed.

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