Summer work projects in the Challis school district this year focus on water valves, a French drain and new desks.

Paving the Challis Elementary School parking lot is probably the project farthest from completion and unlikely to be finished this summer. But Maintenance Supervisor Bob Williams has it on his mind and wants to start the ball rolling. The project has a years-long history of discussion and negotiation with the city of Challis regarding Bluff Avenue, which is essentially part of the parking lot. Also in question is ownership of a strip of land between the parking lot and the street.

Four years ago, estimates for the work were $43,000 to pave Bluff Avenue and $67,000 to pave the parking lot.

School board chairman Brett Plummer suggested the district get its ducks in a row before approaching the City Council with another round of negotiations over who should pay for what.

“We need a plan, first,” Plummer said.

A high priority for the district this summer is installing 16 isolation water valves in the attic of Challis High School so parts of the building’s water system can be shut off separately. Now the water main that supplies the entire building has to be shut off before any plumbing work can be done. Williams has priced this project at $5,500.

Installing a French drain to prevent snow and ice that melts off the high school building from dripping and freezing on the stairway that leads to the vocational agriculture building is estimated to cost $5,000. The melting snow and ice drips near the top of the stairway and an electrical transformer, which obviously is not good, Williams said.

Three new desks, one for Superintendent Lani Rembelski, one for the elementary school secretary and one for the district office assistant will cost $2,300 plus shipping, Williams said.

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