All five senior boys who make up half of the royal court for Challis High School’s homecoming celebration are the sons of a Challis Junior-Senior High School teacher. The moms of all five of the young men teach at the Challis school.

The young men and the female side of the court were announced at homecoming festivities a week ago at the school, appeared in the homecoming parade held last Thursday afternoon and were feted again during halftime of the homecoming football game Friday night.

The 2018 king and queen are Cooper Erickson and Jazmine Rivera. Mitchell Cotant and Savannah Moore were chosen prince and princess. First attendants are Rowdy Piva and Zoe D’Orazio. Ross Sheppeard and Halle Oerke are second attendants. And, third attendants are Garrett Millick and Mia Strand.

Erickson’s mom, Talia, teaches geography, history, computers, reading and physical education at the junior high level. Cotant’s mom, Erika, teaches high school health classes. Piva’s mom, Jennifer, teaches multiple classes in the high school’s business technology program. Sheppeard’s mom, Debbie, teaches high school math classes. Millick’s mom, Beth, teaches English, literature and composition at both the junior high and high school levels.

The senior class entry in the parade was named the top parade entry.


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