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Stanley School teacher Lisa Muscavage reads a story to students while they eat their snacks last fall. With two more students arriving later this month, enrollment in Stanley will stand at 21, with at least one student in each grade level.

With two new students at Stanley School, teacher Lisa Muscavage said all nine grade levels will be filled at the small school for the first time in several years.

“If I had to guess, I would say it’s been seven or eight years,” Muscavage said.

The two new students are expected to start school Jan. 18 and bring the school’s roster up to 21. The new students come at time when enrollment in Stanley is booming. Last school year, there were nine students at the school, which holds youths from kindergarten through eighth grades. When school began in August 2020, enrollment jumped to 19.

While the parents of the two newest students made plans to move to Stanley more than a year ago, according to Muscavage, several of the new students in the building last fall are there because of the coronavirus pandemic. Kelton Hall, a sixth-grade student in Stanley, said his family left Boise so he wouldn’t have to attend school remotely this year.

Boise started the current school year with remote learning, which Hall said he didn’t enjoy last spring.

Having so many new students enroll is exciting, Muscavage said. The other children are happy for the fresh faces, she said, because they are always eager to make friends.

More students means more needed supervision, and Muscavage said she was relieved when Challis school board members increased the teaching staff in Stanley. To prepare for the 11 new students last semester, board members approved hiring a third part-time teacher in Stanley.

“It’s been such a great team to work with,” Muscavage said of co-workers Amanda Brady and Ashley Baker Reese. “It makes a world of difference.”