Challis students involved with the Custer County Coalition lunch and learn program are bound for a four-day Idaho drug-free youth leadership summit in Coeur d’Alene June 18-21.

The students earned $500 for traveling expenses at a car wash and bake sale but are short nearly $450, said Rose Cheff, coalition executive director. People can still donate by contacting Cheff at 406-240-2828 or dropping off a check, made out to Custer County Coalition, at the front desk of Challis Area Health Center, where she works.

The seven Challis students will learn the value of positive relationships and healthy lifestyles and activities for avoiding peer pressure to abuse alcohol or drugs.

Students will have two “family groups” at camp designed to help them create connections and realize their self-worth. They will have cabinmates and another unofficial “family group” with which to do activities. Activities at the camp include a zip line, climbing wall, games, seminars and a boat cruise around Lake Coeur d’Alene. Idaho Drug Free Youth sponsors the leadership summit.

A grant from Eastern Idaho Public Health covered the costs of registration and staying at the camp for the students and chaperone Lyn VanSchoiack, Cheff said.

The lunch and learn program was recently awarded a $12,200 grant so it can continue.

“We’re real excited,” said Cheff. She said the Idaho Office of Drug Policy is working to get similar programs going in all Idaho schools, based on the Challis model.

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