With several of her students quarantining at home due to four positive coronavirus cases within the Mackay School District, music teacher Michelle Peterson said she had to push back filming their virtual Christmas concert.

Originally hoping to post the performance on Facebook and the district’s webpage, by Dec. 17, the last day before Mackay’s winter break begins, Peterson said it wouldn’t be right to have a concert without a full orchestra. Students in almost every grade level in both the elementary and high schools have to stay home, she said, and it would be unfair if the show went on without them.

Personally disappointed that filming the concert will have to wait till Wednesday, Dec. 16, and that the video will have to be uploaded the week of Christmas, Peterson said that feeling doesn’t extend to her students.

“It’s a bit of a delay, but the students are still excited,” she said. “They say it’s just another week to practice.”

Beyond the delay, Peterson said the plan is still to record each grade level’s performance, edit them into one video and post it online. Earlier this month, the music teacher said she decided to do this because her students wanted to perform, but the coronavirus made public gatherings unsafe.

Peterson also said the performance will be instrument-based due to health experts’ recommendations on not singing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing so projects water droplets, which carry the virus, further than normal speech. This problem expands when multiple people sing in a tight group, according to Peterson.

She doesn’t know the exact day it will be posted, but Peterson pledged the concert will be edited and online in time for the holiday.