Evidence from crimes collected by the Custer County Sheriff’s Office that’s ready to be returned to owners can now be picked up on Wednesday afternoons.

Patrol Sgt. Levi Maydole said people who can collect their items will have been contacted in advance by someone from the Sheriff’s Office. But, department staffers are asking people to come only between noon and 5 p.m. on Wednesdays so the evidence can be readily released. Items are held for 90 days after the owner is notified that it’s available to be picked up. Any items not collected within 90 days are considered abandoned and can be auctioned off, transferred to become county property or destroyed.

In order to collect any property that the Sheriff’s Office had been holding, people must present a photo identification card. People may pick up items for another person with a signed release form from the owner.

Before any guns are returned, a full background check is conducted on the owner 24 hours before the gun will be released.

People who can’t get to the Sheriff’s Office on a Wednesday to collect their items may pay to have the materials shipped to them. However, guns cannot be shipped.

People may call the Sheriff’s Office at 208-879-2232 for information about the property release program.

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