The Shoup Bridge campground about 5 miles south of Salmon is closed until Sept. 30.

A 5-mile nonmotorized path from the campground into Salmon is being constructed, which prompted the closure. The new trailhead for the path will become part of the campground. The campground is being altered to create a parking area for day-use parking associated with the new trail. Another kiosk trail information center will be constructed in the campground.

While the site is closed Bureau of Land Management personnel are also upgrading infrastructure in the campground, Salmon BLM Manager Linda Price said. New picnic tables, benches, garbage cans and bike racks will be installed. A self-service bicycle repair station is also being added.

Funding for the project comes from multiple sources including the BLM, Lemhi County, the Idaho Transportation Department, the Western Federal Lands Highway Division and Salmon Valley Stewardship.

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