Hi, I’m Madeline Smith and I am in Mrs. Cotant’s advanced reading class. We have started owning our “own” learning. What this means is we are working towards mastery. Owning our own learning is working at our own pace. For example, when we read a novel, we work at our own speed, so if one student is moving slower than the other you can still move on instead of being held back waiting. The teacher can focus on helping students who need it while others cruise on. It teaches us responsibility and helps us learn to manage our time better. I “Madeline” loved owning my own learning.

We have also been doing fun classroom community challenges that build positive relationships and social skills. It also shows more of an awareness for others by practicing respect. While doing this we are learning the 16 Habits of Mind which = success. It teaches us empathy for others and persisting through our challenges. We are having fun learning with mastery and creativity.

We wanted to share with our peers and community that we have a lot of great things going on in our classroom. We are reading non-fictional real-life mysteries and getting excited to move onto our next novel.

Madeline Smith


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