I am writing in response to the article with the heading "Group questions proposed BLM parking lot" on the front page of theĀ  Sept. 20 edition of The Challis Messenger.

I am one of the privileged few who received a letter from the BLM asking for comments regarding their proposal to turn the ball field just south of the Challis middle school on Seventh Street into a parking and storage area for the BLM. Although it is unclear to me whether this is the letter that school board Chairman Brett Plummer referred to as "our" (school board letter) which was sent out only to property owners within 1,000 feet of the proposed site or a different one sent by the BLM? Were there two letters or just one? And was one sent to the entire community and the other limited to property owners of residences adjacent to the proposed site? At any rate, I believe this to be a community-wide issue and in my opinion the letter should have been sent to all residents of the city of Challis.

I sent a letter in response to the BLM letter I received and hand delivered it on Sept. 13 to the BLM office, the school board office and Michael Barrett, Challis mayor, three days after the deadline set by the BLM (a 15-day comment period) to receive comments regarding the project.

I suggest that the school board and the BLM needs to slow down and do this right. A decision is very different from an ongoing discussion of information. When the time is ripe, all citizens deserve an equal opportunity to weigh in on a decision to be made that affects their community, free from condescension by officials in leadership positions.

Laurie Matthews


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