Voters normally replace their elected representatives when they do a poor job, but for some reason there is an effort to defeat District 8 Representative Dorothy Moon for what appears to be no good reason whatsoever.

Representative Moon has done an outstanding job of representing our district and I see no justification for replacing her with a person who knows nothing about the issues and has not been involved in any way in policies critical to the economy and way of life of District 8 residents.

 One of the most important issues facing our area is the on-going review and revision of the Salmon/Challis National Forest Management Plan. Representative Moon has been involved in the revision process since it began and has greatly influenced the current state of implementation. She has accomplished this through working with local advocacy groups and by bringing pressure on local FS staff and by coordinating with FS staff at both regional and national levels. Her influence and direct involvement has been critical in delaying the initial implementation of the plan and forcing a total review of the management plan.

Representative Moon has been tireless in property rights issues, agricultural economic policies at both state and national levels, and is a legislative leader in rejecting the badly flawed Common Core Standards statewide education program.

She has received numerous awards, including Idaho Mining Association Friends of Mining 2020, State Republican Legislator of the Year 2018, American Conservative Achievement, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Additionally, she received an A grade from the Idaho Freedom Foundation for her conservative voting record in the 2020 legislative session.

These are only a very small part of Representative Moon’s accomplishments during her tenure representing District 8. There is no reason to replace her and I am confident she will continue her outstanding record of successfully campaigning for issues that affect the economy and lifestyle of residents of District 8.

Bert Jeffries


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