I was recently shocked to hear that T.C. Stuart is no longer with Heart of Idaho Animal Sanctuary.

I am very sorry to hear that. Without her dream, dedication and follow through, HIAS would not exist. I know that she spent great energy and often time of her own making sure the wheels were always turning to ensure growth and betterment for the facility. She was tireless about researching and procuring grants, volunteers and equipment to make HIAS the best it could be.

Many, many animals were saved from abuse, neglect and homelessness because she poured her heart into their care. In my eyes she is a hero for her dedication and enthusiasm in caring for animals — all animals — both at HIAS and in her own fur family as well as the community at large. She was truly the heart of HIAS.

I wish her the best and thank her for all she did for our community and its animals in need.

Margaret Grace


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