I am writing in support of LaVerne Infanger Sessions’ candidacy for the Idaho State Legislature for District 8, House Seat B.

Having known LaVerne for 52 years, I can vouch for her honesty, integrity, and commitment to community — both at the local and state levels.

In an era punctuated by divisiveness and anger, we need someone who understands that politics is not governance, that demeaning the beliefs of others will not bring accord, that we may see a different path forward but that by working together, we can at least move in the right direction.

Although we face a number of challenging issues, among them the economy and education, it is reassuring that someone of LaVerne’s caliber is willing to commit her abilities to the welfare of our region and state. Her business acumen combined with the fact that she was born and raised in rural Lemhi County give her the first-hand experience necessary to tackle these pressing concerns. LaVerne will work tirelessly with the upcoming legislature for the betterment of District 8 and the state of Idaho. She will represent her constituents rather than promoting the agendas of special interest groups.

I encourage you to cast your vote in the Republican primary for LaVerne Sessions.

Hope Ann Benedict


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