The Challis Vikings took on the Salmon Savages in their first regular season game on Dec. 5.

Even though it was not a conference game, it was Challis’s first home game and the Vikings were excited to play for the home crowd. They delivered a solid performance with a 72-46 win.

Challis started out with a good lead which they held and extended throughout the game. The Vikings’ defense held strong even though they weren’t shooting great on offense. Scoring was well distributed with nearly every Viking player scoring at least once. The leading scorers were Parker May with 12, Ross Sheppeard with 11 and Mitchell Cotant with 9.

Challis came out of halftime strong and scored 23 in the third quarter, pretty much sealing the game for the Vikings.

On Dec. 7 the Challis Vikings took on the West Jefferson Panthers. This was a non-conference game as well, but a great match-up for the Vikings.

Challis had a hard time dealing with the hot-shooting Panthers who scored many threes while the Vikings couldn’t make many shots that weren’t layups. Challis’s strong defense was key. Cotant and May played standout defense, stealing the ball repeatedly.

The Vikings did not have much luck scoring in the first half, racking up only 20 points. The Vikings made up for it, scoring 22 in the fourth quarter. That kept Challis in the game. The Vikings tied it up and forced an overtime. With Challis figuring out how to score on the Panthers’ defense and the Panthers’ shooting cooling off, the Vikings came away with the sweet overtime victory, 62-59.

The two home wins put the Vikings’ record at 4-0. Challis now heads to North Fremont for a Friday, Dec. 14 matchup.

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