Jessica Sheehan Zettel of Challis placed fourth in the women's 108K race in the June 19 River of No Return Endurance Runs with a time of 17:05:01. She was the only Challis resident to complete the 67-mile race.

Local trail runners who finished the 55K race were:

n Joel Cannon, Salmon, 7:59:15

n Galen Clark, Arco, 8:17:31

n Laila Plummer, Challis, 11:12:37

n Stein Shaw, Challis, 14:41:32

In the 32K race, local finishers were:

n John Loffredo, Salmon, 3:26:47

n Leah Cannon, Salmon, 4:08:17

n Erin Pierson, Challis, 4:10:07

n Sedona Cannon, Salmon, 4:11:32

n Bobbi Eby, Salmon, 4:14:17

n Sarah Meronk, Salmon, 4:23:39.

n Taylor Redick, Challis, 4:24:58

n Lette Benson, Salmon, 4:27:21

n Sara Morelli, Lemhi, 4:37:02

n Becky Hunting, Challis, 4:52:08

n Chris Gaughan, Salmon, 4:52:56

n Cheri Webster, Challis, 4:57:48

n William Baker, Challis, 4:58:17

n Daniel Aldous, Salmon, 5:15:55

n Tyler Aldous, Salmon, 5:41:25

n Joe Heald, Arco, 5:55:10

n Lisa Robinson, Challis, 6:49:55

n Helen Malone, Challis, 6:49:56

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