The Chinook salmon season closed on the Lower Salmon River May 28.

Chinook fishing is closed from Rice Creek bridge upstream to Vinegar Creek. Seasons still remain open on the Little Salmon and Snake rivers, Brian Pearson with Idaho Fish and Game said.

The closure was put in place because Chinook salmon are approaching current harvest objectives in the Lower Salmon River, Pearson said.

Clearwater Region fisheries manager Joe Dupont said an estimated 270 fish were harvested in the Rapid River Fish Hatchery two weeks ago with all but 17 being caught in the Lower Salmon River. The most harvest and highest catch rates, 15 hours per fish, occurred between Time Zone Bridge and Shorts Creek.

The total harvest, including catch-and-release mortality, in the Lower Salmon River stands at 409 fish, Dupont said. That means there were fewer than 100 fish to go before the Lower Salmon reaches its quota of 50 percent of the harvest share.

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