State wildlife officials are investigating the deaths of about 50 mallard ducks in the Salmon area.

“We have conducted necropsy examinations, and no definitive cause of death was found,” Fish and Game Wildlife Manager Dennis Newman said in a press release.

Newman said they’ll have more information after results come back from tissue sample testing.

A concerned resident reported the dead ducks Dec. 7 after finding them along an irrigation ditch south of Salmon. Fish and Game workers continue to monitor the area for any more dead waterfowl.

According to the press release, waterfowl die-offs are common in the country, but not in the Salmon area. Fish and Game biologists tested for diseases as part of the routine investigation process into die-offs.

Until the cause of death is known, Fish and Game officials recommend hunters wear latex gloves when cleaning the birds and thoroughly cook them before eating.

“We would appreciate the public to report any dead waterfowl they observe to the Fish and Game in Salmon,” Newman said.

For more information or to report, call 208-756-2271 to reach the Salmon Fish and Game office.