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Idaho Fish and Game workers will continue to stock fish throughout the state this spring and summer.

As summer comes and the state slowly reopens, many Idahoans are looking for ways to get outside, and Idaho Fish and Game workers suggest they go fishing.

Even though the coronavirus remains a threat, Fish and Game Public Information Supervisor Roger Philips reminds people it is easy to maintain physical distance while fishing. As long as people are responsible and don’t travel too far from home, anglers can still enjoy the fresh air and cool water.

“Bring you own food and water and sanitation materials,” Philips said. “Also make sure you limit socialization.”

Philips, who lives in the Treasure Valley where the coronavirus has hit hard, said he is seeing people taking advantage of the warmer weather and getting outside.

To keep anglers busy, Philips said Fish and Game workers will continue stocking rivers, reservoirs and community ponds as usual. However, because COVID-19 has put the government entity in a state of flux, they will be unable to provide exact dates and locations when fish will be stocked. Philips acknowledged some anglers depend on the fish stocking forecast to find the best spots, but said for the time being, they will have to be patient.