Campers in the Salmon-Challis National Forest can stay 14 days before they have to pack up and leave.

The new rule, which reduces the number of days from 16, took effect earlier this month and is forest-wide.

“The limit of stay restriction is necessary to reduce displacement of other forest visitors desiring to use a particular area,” a forest news release said, “by reducing the opportunity for one visitor or group of visitors from monopolizing a campsite for long periods of time. It also reduces the environmental impacts associated with long-term established camps.”

Campers can’t stay within the same 5-mile radius for more than 14 days in any 30 consecutive day period or return to camp in any part of the 5-mile radius within 30 days after having camped in the same location. Equipment can’t be left in the forest for more than 14 days, even if it is used by a different person or group.

For more details about the rule, go to the Salmon-Challis National Forest website at