The Challis Lady Vikings started their preseason with a string of victories.

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the Lady Vikings hosted the Leadore Lady Mustangs and came out on top, 64-33.

Each of the 10 varsity Vikings scored in the matchup. Jessi Farr led the way with 14 points. Every other starter scored at least 6 points.

The Vikings played with an aggressive fast pace while subbing in the entire team every three or four minutes. This strategy paid off and kept the home team fresh against the Mustangs, who only brought six players. Both teams fought hard to the very end, but the Mustangs were outmatched against all those fresh legs coming in every few minutes.

The two teams hadn’t played each other in many years, so neither knew what to expect. Two good friends, one from each of these small-town teams, were disappointed when they saw the schedules and realized they wouldn’t be playing each other this season. Danielle Girvin from Leadore and Tessa Gregory from Challis talked to their coaches, athletic directors and even their superintendents, about scheduling games and were excited to learn that their efforts had paid off. Two additional games were added to their schedules to allow them the chance to compete against each other. Although Gregory’s team came out on top this time, Girvin is hoping her team can return the favor this weekend when the Vikings travel to Leadore.

Before their Saturday home game, Challis players traveled to Salmon for a preseason jamboree on Nov. 8.

They played two quarters against each of the other two teams. Their opening game was against the Mackay Miners.

Although the Vikings were behind by 7 or 8 points for most of the game, they pushed hard in the last two minutes. Erin Anderson hit a crucial three-pointer and Farr tied it up with a buzzer beater layup.

With the game tied, the two teams went into a two-minute overtime. A few well-timed foul shots and good positioning for rebounds brought Challis into the lead. The Vikings held off the Miners for another minute and won the hard-fought game, 31-30. Gregory and Farr led with 7 points apiece, and Jazmine Rivera had 6 points in the win.

After a 10-minute break the Lady Vikings took on the Salmon Savages. Fatigue was starting to show and the Vikings fell behind 3-11. With an encouraging pep talk from their new coaches, Kari Smith and Jenna McGowan, the Vikings picked up the pace and scored 11 points in a row, regaining the lead.

Keeping their defense tight and being aggressive on offense, the Vikings pushed through and held off the Savages. Challis won the game 24-12, thanks to 14 points from Farr.

With two preseason wins under their belts, the Challis Lady Vikings look forward to an exciting season, hopefully culminating in a state championship.

On another sweet note, the Challis Vikings JV played the Salmon Savages JV and also came away with a win.

The Lady Vikings travel to Leadore for a 6:30 p.m. varsity game on Friday, Nov. 16, before hosting Mackay at 5:30 and 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17.

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