The Challis Lady Vikings came home with a 54-8 win from a Jan. 11 game against Taylor’s Crossing.

The Vikings scored almost half of their points in the first quarter, notching 24 points. The second quarter the girls scored 16 points, in the third quarter they added 10, but Challis scored only 4 points in the fourth.

Top scorer for the Lady Vikings was Halle Oerke with 13 points. Not far behind was Zoe D’Orazio with 10. Summer Taylor and Oerke both were 100 percent on the foul shot line. Ali Rembelski was top rebounder. Tessa Gregory and Austyn Erickson led the team in steals, both getting four.

Both the JV and varsity squads had games at Grace High School on Jan. 9.

The JV team will finish the season playing two quarters instead of four full quarters, due to the small number of players on the team. They lost to Grace 16-10. Although the JV lost, they improved, from their previous game against Grace, which Challis lost 48-13.

Last week, the Vikings started to fall behind in the first quarter ending it with only 8 points and Grace had 14. In the second quarter Grace and Challis each only scored 2 points.

Taylor and Rembelski were the top scorers with 4 points each and Tayia Baldwin was the only other player to score, with 2 points.

The varsity Challis team also lost to Grace 54-23. The Challis girls didn’t have a good first quarter, ending with 6 points to Grace’s 18. Grace pulled ahead by an ample amount in the second quarter, scoring 13 points when Challis only scored 2. Challis had a better third quarter, scoring 13 points and only letting Grace score 9.

D’Orazio and Oerke each scored 4 points in the beginning of the second half. Although Challis did better in the third quarter the game still ended with a score they didn’t want. D’Orazio led the Vikings in scoring with 10 points. Erickson was the next high scorer with five points.

On Jan. 7 the JV girls basketball team hosted the Butte Pirates. The JV played a good game against Butte winning with a score of 23-12.

The Challis girls started with 14 points in the first quarter and Butte had 5. The last quarter of the game the Vikings scored 9 points and the Pirates had 7.

The Vikings’ top scorer was Rembelski with 13 points. Taylor and Jordyn Ellis both scored 4 points each and Carley Strand scored 2. The Vikings made five out of seven foul shots.

The Challis Viking varsity team lost to the Butte Pirates, 24-71. The Vikings started the first quarter with only Olivia Farr making 2 points and Butte making 20. The girls ended the first half of the game Challis 13 and Butte with 35.

In the third quarter the Vikings scored 6 points and the Pirates made 21. Ending the game, Challis only made 5 points in the fourth quarter and Butte scored 15. High scorer for the Challis varsity team was Rembelski with 10 points and next top scorer was Erickson with 5.

The next game for the Challis Lady Vikings is Friday, Jan. 17, in Challis against Taylor’s Crossing. The varsity-only contest begins at 3:30 p.m.