Restrictions are now in place on stretches of the Upper Main Salmon River to protect spawning salmon.

Julie Thomas, public affairs officer with the Sawtooth National Forest, said the “day stretch” of the river from the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery to the eastern boundary of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area is affected. Restrictions are implemented every year to protect fish and give spawning salmon the best possible chance to successfully lay eggs in the river gravel.

Several stretches closed to float boating on Aug. 15, including the Buckhorn to Stanley; Mormon Bend to Yankee Fork; and Torrey’s river access site to the eastern boundary of the recreation area. Indian Riffles and Torrey’s Hole are also closed to fishing.

From Sept. 3 until Sept. 23, the entire river is closed to float boating and float fishing.

Boaters are required to portage Indian Riffles and Torrey’s Hole from Aug. 29 until Sept. 2, Thomas said.

“We ask the public to pay special attention to these closures and regulations in regard to providing spawning salmon the space they need to lay their eggs,” she said.