Scott Yearsley will get to live out a lifelong desire to coach after being hired as the varsity boys basketball coach at Mackay High School.

“I grew up in a coaching family,” Yearsley, whose father coached at Marsh Valley High School in Arimo, said. “I’ve always had that desire.” Yearsley moved to Mackay last September, drawn there by his fiancee who grew up in Mackay.

Despite applying to several schools when he was younger, Yearsley couldn’t find a coaching position. Schools he applied to wanted someone who could teach as well as coach, which Yearsley didn’t want to do.

To supplement his love of basketball, Yearsley spent the last 23 years working as a referee. He has called high school and college games across the state for the past 10 years. He believes his decades refereeing will benefit the Miners.

Yearsley said refereeing exposed him to several different coaching styles. He said he saw how coaches interacted with their student athletes, focusing on what did and didn’t work. Analyzing so much basketball play gives Yearsley a unique perspective, one which he said will continue to bolster the Mackay Miners’ recent success on the court.

The boys basketball team achieved success, according to parents of several players, because of Kelvin Krosch. Krosch coached the boys team for the last five years, leading them to district and state championships. He wasn’t rehired this spring. After he was told he wouldn’t be hired back, Krosch spoke at the April Mackay school board meeting and said if he could no longer coach the boys basketball team, he hoped board members could find an adequate replacement.

Willing to step up to the challenge, Yearsley said he isn’t looking for conflict. He wants to coach his student athletes, nurture their education and talents and follow the rules as best possible, he said.

Planning to lay down roots in Mackay, Yearsley looks forward to his future. He’s building a new home and has started an electric company in Mackay. Now that he has the opportunity to coach basketball there, Yearsley said Mackay is the perfect place for him.

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