carson ammar v. mackay 2.12

Challis Viking Carson Ammar (23) is seen in earlier action this season against Mackay. Challis lost to Mackay last week in their second match-up of the year.

The Challis Vikings enter the district tournament with a Thursday, Feb. 13 game, coming off a tough week with three losses.

The Challis Vikings traveled to Mackay Feb. 3 where it was senior night. The first quarter started off good for the Vikings with 15 points. Lane Strand, Carson Ammar, RJ Philps and Eugene Siggers all put points on the board. The Miners started out slow with a 6-point quarter leaving the score 15-6 for the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Isaac Schwenke was the only Viking to score, with 4 points. The Miners had a better second quarter scoring 11 points, leaving the halftime score 19-17 with Challis up.

The Vikings had a 10-point third quarter while the Miners came out really strong with a quarter score of 22. That left the score at the end of the quarter at 29-39 with Mackay in the lead. Challis had a good fourth quarter with 11 points while the Miners only scored 7 leaving the final score 46-40, Challis with the loss.

Siggers and Ammar were scoring leaders for the Vikings with 10 points each, followed by Philps with 9 points, Schwenke with 6 and Strand with 5. Ammar led the team in rebounds, steals and assists.

On Feb. 5 Challis played in Butte. The game started out fairly even, Challis scoring 10 points in the first quarter and Butte with 11.

Challis had another 10-point quarter while Butte had 15 giving them a 6-point lead at halftime with the score at 20-26. The third quarter was rough for both teams. Challis only had 5 points while Butte had 3. At the end of the third quarter the score was 25-29.

Challis had another low scoring quarter for the last quarter while Butte did not. Challis scored 7 while the Pirates had another 15-point quarter, leaving the final score 44-32.

Philps was the high scorer for the Vikings with 13 points and Siggers had 11. Schwenke scored 4 and Strand and Ammar each scored 2. Philps led the team in rebounds.

The Feb. 6 game against the Grace Grizzlies didn’t go well. Challis put up 9 points in the first quarter while Grace made 13.

In the second quarter, Challis only scored 6 and the Grizzlies had 18 leaving the halftime score 15-31. The third quarter was the worst for the Vikings with 4 points. The Grizzlies had their best quarter with 25 points and the third quarter score was 19-56. Both teams scored 9 points in the fourth quarter for a final score of 65-28.

Schwenke was the high scorer for the Vikings with 13 points, Ammar had 6, Philps 5 and Siggers and Carson Parkinson with 2 each.