The Challis High School wrestling team will bring 16 boys to its annual Challis Take-down Tournament against the Salmon Savages at 6 p.m Tuesday, Dec. 3, to kick off the season.

The opening tourney is also a fundraiser for the Blackhearts. Chili, cornbread and cinnamon rolls will be sold starting at 5:30 p.m. to raise money for the wrestling team. Ticket sales are directed to the Youth Endowment for Activities program which funds high school state championships. The cost of dinner is $5 and admission tickets are $3.

CHS wrestling coach Bill Bradshaw expects the match against Salmon to be a good start to the season. He said with a roster of 16 boys he will be able to fill each weight class, except the 126-pound class. He said it’s been several years since Challis has had such a strong roster, pointing to last year when only eight boys came out for the team.

Bradshaw said four of those eight have returned for the season. Bruin Bradshaw, Charlie Bullock, Kasen Hohnstein and Colton Battley returned for Bradshaw’s third year as coach.

“We’re just trying to continue the wrestling tradition at Challis,” said Bradshaw. “We’ve got some kids coming back but also a lot of first-time wrestlers, too. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Bradshaw said the team has eight tournaments scheduled for the season.