Jeremy Dean Chaffin and Molly Ann Chaffin

Donald Monroe Eckley and Tiffany Rose Eckley

Aaron L Bland and Amanda Bland

Brian James Brown and Lisa LaVon Brown

Michael James Barbo and Jennifer Ann Robbins

Julie Kay Ockerman and Scott Ockerman

Brittney Janae Grossman and Matthew David Grossman

Benjamin David Coryell and Laura Christine Coryell

Cameron Jon Landon and Kristy M Landon

Chad William Brizzee and Krystal Brizzee

Martin L Shipp and Veronica Ann Naomi Shipp

Jake Porter Burtenshaw and Suzanne Suchada Burtenshaw

Heather Ann Harris and Erik K Torres

Jennifer Rae Wilson and Jerod Angello Wilson

Rebecca Ann Morgan and Tyson Chandler Morgan

Dakota Grant Carlson and Jenna Jo Carlson

Katherine Walker and Travis Glen Walker

Chandler Lessing and Erica Marie Lessing

Desirae Deliah Morris and Ryan Justin Morris

Bradley Andrew Bailey and Kirsten Taeler Bailey

Mary Elizabeth Bradford and Luis Angel Quinones

Derek M Baker and Charlotte Lynne Dally

Melissa L Leonardson and Russell Clark Leonardson

Lana Jo Gonzales and Ventura Rayne Gonzales

Jason Byron Howard and Emily Natasha Winterbottom

Brian Magin Singarajah and Kimberly Singarajah

Chris Lynn Brown and Marissa Lee Henderson

Newell Bradley Slade Jr. and Kimberly Ann Westfall

Arielle Marvel and Jacob R Marvel

Silvia Perez and Adrian Gil Valencia

Dustin Abel Anthony and Stephanie Ann Anthony

Maricela Gonzalez-Santoyo and Jesus Antonio Santoyo

Hector Carmelo Meza and Sasha Michelle Parrish

David Jerimiah Bergeson and Shalee Nicole Bergeson

Anthony Richard Angelo and Heather Marie Angelo

Ron Tyler Bird and Trina R Forbush

Amanda Susan Smith and Brett Lee Smith

Bryan L Johnston and Sharlyn Stucki Johnston

Tyler Shea Andrews and Brody Hart

Colt Rodd Goforth and Tasha Goforth

Katrina Ann Lott and Rhett Butler Young

Rachael S Later and Shane J Later

Lee Fredrick Gagner and Linda I Gagner

Ashley Nicole King and Tate Leroy King

Chantielle Leavitt and Glenna Leavitt

Dawn Marie Bons and Joseph Albert Bons

Derrick Lee Okelberry and Jodianne Christene Stoebe

Sheri Leigh Milner Snow and Glen Anthony Thor

Ryan Wayne Porter and Siera Mari Porter

Cameron Reed Baker and Janna Dee Judkins

Judith Bunnell and Roger Bunnell

Donna Lee McCowan and Kevin L McCowan

Joshua G Hansen and Elizabeth Ann Mason

Allan T Jones and Wendy Lynn Jones

Chase Dee Hawkins and Michaela Melinda Karen Hawkins

Austin Nicholas VanEgmond and Rosalinda Ramos VanEgmond

Elmo Marion Allen and Laverne T Allen

James Randolph Curbow and Tammy Lee Curbow

Theresa Marie Bousquet-Walker and William Bryan Walker

Clifton D Davis and Susan Cuthbertson Phillips

Paul Frederick McMurtrey and Samantha Michelle McMurtrey

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