Hank Oliver O'Dowd Ankeny

Our beautiful boy, our bright light, Hank Oliver O'Dowd Ankeny, took his own life Friday, October 8, 2021. Hank had been suffering from a debilitating years-long affliction of Bipolar II Disorder that developed when he was a teenager and grew worse as he got older. Most days he was his mischievous, playful self, but when he was down, it was very difficult for him. Despite this, he tried his hardest to live his life with laughter, interest, conscientiousness and compassion. Hank was born on November 5, 2001, to the great joy of Christine Frances O'Dowd Ankeny and Mark Dwight Ankeny in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He was intelligent, witty, had a great sense of humor, and rooted for the under-dog. He liked video gaming with his friends in the evenings, downhill skiing, and riding the trails in Boise on his mountain bike. Like his dad, he was very interested in science, especially biology. He was also a great reader of books, especially fantasy fiction and Stephen King. From a very young age, he had a gourmet palate and got a kick out of eating and making new dishes with his dad. His favorites were sushi, meats, and Morenita's carne adovada burritos with extra chipotle. Hank graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 2020. Last year was rough with his first freshman semester at Boise State University during the isolation of Covid; but when classes went online the spring semester of 2020 and he and his brother moved home, they truly bonded. It was the best thing to come out of that crazy time. His brother will sorely miss his best friend. This fall, Hank was a student in the College of Eastern Idaho's electrician program, finding satisfaction with the hands-on learning and work. He also found happiness and compassion working at Mo' Bettahs. We would like to offer our sincerest thanks to the College of Eastern Idaho for their generosity and kindness toward our son. Also a heartfelt hug and deep appreciation to Hank's counselor for half a dozen years. He loved her and she greatly helped him. He is survived by his incredibly sweet brother and best friend, Clay Riley O'Dowd Ankeny of Salt Lake City, Utah; grandparents William O'Dowd and Susan Rosenow of Durango, Colorado; and grandparents Audrey Engelhardt and Marvin Berg of Viroqua, Wisconsin. He was preceded in death by his grandparents Mary Agnes Hesse Ankeny and Dwight Ankeny. We will think of Hank with enormous love every day as long as we live. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the International Society for Bipolar Disorders at isbd.org 11/05/2001 - 10/08/2021 Hank Oliver O'Dowd Ankeny

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