Dojie Langley Langley Dojie Langley, 81, of Blackfoot, Idaho, passed away, October 1, 2020 at her home. She was born November 10, 1938 to Bud and Dorothy Campbell in Butte, Montana. Dojie grew up in Harrison, Montana where she helped on the family ranch. It was there, at a very young age that Dojie's love for horses grew to a tremendous passion. She was an avid barrel racer in the NRA, which was a Montana rodeo association, back in the mid 50's and early 60's. When Dojie left the ranch, she worked for a large and small animal vet clinic in Three Forks, Montana. While keeping her horse at the local stock yards, she met a handsome young man, shipping cattle through the same stock yards, along with training horses for Charlie Kidd who owned the CA Ranch. Unbeknownst to Dojie this meeting would become the future love of her life, Bill Langley. Bill and Dojie were married in 1960, on the CA Ranch in the Kidd's ranch house. They then moved to Blackfoot, Idaho to manage a cattle operation. Dojie worked alongside Bill helping him with all aspects of this, along with helping with the training of horses. Dojie had many jobs she treasured, especially those working with children and meeting future wonderful and dear friends. Their daughter, Shana Rae was born after they moved to Blackfoot. Being Dojie's only child, Shana was certainly the center of her life. During the 1960's, Bill and Dojie started their own Quarter Horse breeding program with High Chicaro. The AQHA presented Bill and Dojie a prestigious certificate for raising and breeding registered Quarter Horses for 40 continuous years. In 1980 they stared their own production and consignment sale, which was a yearly event until 2003. Bill always said it was Doj that did so much of the work with the horses, getting them fit and in shape, all the feeding, when Dad and Shan would head down the road to another show. She deserved so much more recognition, that wasn't her, she just couldn't wait to hear how they did when they got home. Dojie had a heart of gold, with a contagious positive light, and smile. She changed so many lives and hearts just by her genuine love of everyone. Along with Dojie's love for horses, her love for children and little animals was undeniable from all that knew her. There is not a person you talk to that did not love this sweet precious little lady. From her daughter, Shana; Mom, it was not only a blessing but a true privilege to be your daughter. You brought joy and a smile to everyone you knew and were around, especially dad and me. People you didn't even know, you would talk to and they could feel your warmth. Mom with every part of my soul, I will miss you every day. You have always been the best friend to me. I could not have handpicked a sweeter and more caring mom. I was truly blessed to call you my mom. You were so lonesome for dad, now you are with him along with all your horses and dogs (which it will take days to count), and your dear friends and family. You and dad can ride amongst the clouds that you cherished so, we always looked in the clouds for some kind of sign of dad, now I can look in the clouds to the two people who loved me so much, that are together again. Love you mom, hugs to dad. Dojie is survived by her loving daughter, Shana,; adoring son-in-law, Scott Millard; numerous wonderful friends; and two little precious dogs, Mindy and Jersey. There will be a celebration of life at the family ranch late spring/early summer of 2021. A date will be publicized closer to that time. Family is under the care of Hawker Funeral Home. Condolences can be shared at