Anya   Moedl (Fridley)

Anya Marie Moedl (Fridley) returned to heaven on May 14, 2020. She is now at peace. May she run with the wild horses like she always wanted. She will be missed by her family and friends that were blessed by her kind loving spirit. She would help anyone in need even if it meant she herself would go without. That is just who she was. She is survived by her daughter Sativa Pena, a son Sky Fridley, her mother Barbara and Roy Bench, father Gahlen and Tiina Fridley, brothers Gahlen Fridley, Kendrick Fridley, nephew Elijah Fridley and Kyle (Shannon) Fridley, nieces Emma and Cora, sisters Alyssa Fridley and Aubrey Fridley, and six step-siblings. Anya 2/13/1982 - 5/14/2020Marie Moedl (Fridley)