Taylor, Dakotah E


A Bonneville County man was arrested after a fight with his parents that involved a threat with a knife.

Dakotah Taylor, 21, was booked in Bonneville County Jail on March 10 on charges of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill, felony battery domestic violence and misdemeanor battery.

On the evening of March 10, a Bonneville County Sheriff officer was dispatched to a Bonneville County residence north of Idaho Falls, where there was a report of a physical disturbance, according to a law enforcement report.

Taylor’s father, the residence owner, allowed the officer to enter and the officer heard arguing in the basement, the report says. The officer entered the basement bedroom, where Taylor lives, and saw Taylor and his mother arguing.

After an unsuccessful attempt to calm down the pair, the officer called for backup. When two backup officers arrived, they detained Taylor in two sets of handcuffs, due to his size, the report said. Taylor is 5-foot-10 and 300 pounds, according to the arrest information sheet.

Taylor’s mother told law enforcement that the argument began when she confronted her son after Taylor’s father attempted to speak with him about his alcohol consumption and lack of contribution to household expenses.

Taylor’s parents told law enforcement that he became aggressive during the confrontation and began hitting his mother in the head. He also kicked her after she fell to the floor, they said. Taylor then pulled out a knife and threatened to stab his mother, they said.

Taylor’s father told law enforcement that he got involved in the altercation when Taylor pulled out the knife. He told law enforcement that Taylor hit him in the head several times and he hit Taylor back in self defense.

The responding officer reportedly saw beer cans on the bedroom floor and other alcohol containers on the bed. Knives were “littered all over the room,” the report says. The knife that Taylor used to reportedly threaten his mother had about an 8-inch blade. The officer found the knife between the mattress and bed frame, the report says.

Taylor told law enforcement that his parents started the fight and would not leave his room. He admitted to pulling the knife but he told law enforcement after he “realized” that he pulled the knife he threw it down.

Taylor is scheduled for a preliminary hearing March 22.

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