A 21-year-old Brigham Young University-Idaho has been identified as the drowning victim who died Friday afternoon in the Teton River.

Calvin Willie, of Malad, was among 10 college-age men who who went to Monkey Rock to float the river on inner tubes, Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries said.

Humphries said the group members did not know the river’s terrain and were caught off guard when they encountered a diversion dam. He said they floated in tubes over the dam and currents stranded two of the men and an undertow dragged Willie under the dam, trapping him and drowning him.

Sheriff Humphries said the water was cold, just above 50 degrees, and the water levels were high. He said that Willie’s friends tried unsuccessfully to save him.

Humphries said those choosing to float down the river need to know the river’s terrain. He said there are many diversion dams on the Teton River and that they are dangerous.