An inspiring true story of integrity, courage and justice will be shown on CBS' 48 Hours Saturday night at 9 p.m. on KIDK, channel 3 in Idaho Falls.

You will see the amazing story of Carol Dodge, an American hero. Carol's daughter, Angie Dodge, was brutally murdered in 1996. For 13 years Carol Dodge hated the man, Chris Tapp, who was convicted of her daughter's murder. Over time Carol came to believe in Chris Tapp's innocence. Eventually, she championed his release. She was the first person to hug him when a judge freed him from prison in March 2017.

Judges for Justice helped in the release of Tapp by showing how police polygraph examinations were used to coerce, manipulate, and brainwash Tapp into confessing to the crime.

Carol Dodge wanted justice for her daughter, however, the Idaho Falls police seemed to be more interested in protecting their conviction of Chris Tapp than finding the man who left his male DNA at the crime. In 2012, in open court in front of Carol Dodge, a police detective testified that he believed that Carol Dodge was a suspect in the Angie Dodge murder. It is hard to believe a person could be so cruel, but it actually happened. It is an example of what Carol Dodge was up against.

The courage of Carol Dodge — to take on city hall and to do what is right with integrity and compassion — is an inspiration to us all, a true profile in courage.

Because of Carol Dodge's courageous and inspiring quest to find justice for her daughter, the man who left his DNA at the crime was found in May 2019. Using forensic genealogy, a suspect was identified. The Idaho Falls police followed the man until he threw a cigarette butt out his car window. They bagged the evidence and conducted a DNA test. It was an exact match to the man who left his DNA at the crime. Brian Dripps, who had lived across the street from Angie in 1996, was arrested on May 15, 2019. He gave a full confession. His case is pending.

In July 2019, Bonneville County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Clark moved the court to vacate the convictions of Chris Tapp because, as he said, "Tapp was innocent." The court ordered Tapp's convictions to be vacated. Prosecutor Clark is an example of what a prosecutor should be all about. He is a person of integrity, a true minister of justice.

It is an amazing story. Be sure to watch Saturday night.