Daniel Best mugshot

Daniel Best

On Sept 30th at 9:50 AM we received the report of a robbery in progress at the Wells Fargo Bank at 4195 Yellowstone Ave in Chubbuck.

During the robbery the suspect implied that he had a firearm however one was not displayed. Shortly after the robbery the suspect left the area on foot.

Officers with the Chubbuck Police Department along with the Pocatello Police and Bannock County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area and located the suspect quickly. The lone suspect, Daniel Best, was taken into custody at 9:55AM. Best is a 59 year of male who resides in Chubbuck.

This case is still in the very early stages of our investigation and we are unable to release any further information at this time.

We appreciate the cooperation between multiple law enforcement agencies in our area that provided quick assistance, and brought the suspect into custody without any further incidents.