Roman Candle

Parabolic embers erupt from a blazing roman candle.

ASHTON — Two Colorado men face charges after they shot each other with Roman candles from their cars as they drove on U.S. Highway 20 up Ashton Hill around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

“I did find it extremely reckless," said Fremont County Sheriff Len Humphries.. "Who knows what could have happened.” 

He explained that a Roman Candle shoots out balls of fire. Depending on how big the firework, the Roman candle can shoot between five and 10 shots at a time.

“They decided to shoot it out,” Humphries said.

Humphries reported that a Bonneville County family witnessed the event and videotaped it. They later turned that video over to Fremont County sheriff’s officers.

“We were successful in intercepting them and writing them tickets for illegally lighting fireworks,” he said.

One man was also cited for having drug paraphernalia in his car while the other was charged with underage drinking. They will each have to pay a fine and also appear in Fremont County Court to explain their behavior.

No fires were started, and there were no injuries involved, Humphries said. He reported that the sheriff’s office had never experienced such an incident before.

“This is a first," he said. "I’ve never heard of someone shooting Roman candles cars at their friends in other cars."

Humphries urged drivers not to engage in such reckless behavior.

“I would really caution people about shooting fireworks at moving cars and especially when you're in a moving car also,” he said.