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The defense attorney representing deceased Idaho Falls Police Department Officer Blaine Reed said he was concerned about Reed's state of mind before his death.

Joe Filicetti, who specializes in representing law enforcement, said he had invited Reed to join him on his trip to Italy, hoping it would help his client relax.

Reed died Thursday after he reportedly entered the Layton, Utah, home of a childhood friend uninvited. According to a statement from the Layton City Police Department, Reed believed his friend was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend. There was a physical altercation that ended with the homeowner shooting Reed, killing him.

Reed was placed on administrative in November while the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation into a reported incident of attempted strangulation reported by his ex-girlfriend. Filicetti said the ex-girlfriend who reported the incident is not the same one who was in Utah.

Filicetti said he spoke to Reed on Thursday morning, and that Reed was upset after learning about the relationship.

"Blaine was not handling things well," Filicetti said.

Filicetti posted on Facebook on Friday after Reed's death, saying he grieved for his loss and that Reed had become his friend as well as his client.

"It is with great sorrow that I received word early this morning of his death during a dispute with his best friend since fourth grade over a woman," Filicetti wrote. "I was his attorney in another matter and we spoke for a time before I went to sleep in Naples. Six hours later his family contacted me to tell me of his passing."

Reed had told friends he was afraid of losing his job with the Idaho Falls Police Department, even if the criminal charges in Jefferson County were dismissed. He joined the Idaho Falls Police Department in 2015, and had served with the Fremont County Sheriff's Office for seven years before that.

At Filicetti's recommendation, Reed began taking classes to learn how to drive a truck and earn a commercial driver's license.

Layton City Police Department Spokesman Lt. Travis Lyman said investigators are interviewing witnesses at the scene and people who knew Reed. He said the department expects to finish its investigation before the end of the week.

"It's tragic. It really is," Filicetti said. "(He was a) good dude, and he just spun out."

Reporter Johnathan Hogan can be reached at 208-542-6746.

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