The 3-alarm fire that IFFD responded to on Sunday, July 5, at 5:40 a.m., located on the 1000 block of Terry Drive resulted in two adult males and two adult females being transported by ambulance to EIRMC. That investigation reveals that the fire was caused by spent fireworks inside of a garbage can that was located outside of the garage door of the home. 

Initial reports from the Terry Drive fire stated that there were two police officers who initially responded to the fire. In follow-up discussions with Idaho Falls Police Department, it was discovered that three officers arrived on scene first. Two officers kicked in the front door. One of those officers and the third officer assisted one adult male and one adult female out of the fire. The other officer went around to the side of the home, jumped a fence, and ran to the second story window to assist one adult female and one adult male out of the window after the two victims broke the window in an effort to escape the fire. Additional officers then responded after the initial three, all of which provided aid to all four individuals until EMS arrived. Two of the police officers were evaluated at EIRMC for smoke inhalation and minor injuries and were treated and released.

“Our thoughts and well wishes continue to be with all individuals involved in the fires over the past couple of days,” states Public Information Officer, Kerry Hammon. “We would also like to recognize the neighbor as well as our brothers in blue at the Idaho Falls Police Department for their actions and quick response at the early morning fire on Terry Drive. If it weren’t for their efforts, the end result could have been much worse.”

Safety Reminder:

Over the holiday weekend, the Idaho Falls Fire Department responded to at least five dumpster fires that resulted from improper disposal of spent fireworks. While the 4th of July holiday is over, we would still like to remind community members about the proper way to dispose of fireworks while the topic is still fresh on their minds.

Place used fireworks in a metal garbage can full of water and then place the garbage can away from structures, brush, or flammable items. As there is a possibility that fireworks could reignite, even when people think the fireworks are out, we encourage people to let the used fireworks soak in water overnight. Do not place used fireworks next to unused fireworks.

Unfortunately we also responded to several house fires over the past week and would like to take the opportunity to provide home safety reminders as well:

· Always sleep with bedroom doors closed. By keeping doors closed, the oxygen supply is cut off and helps to contain the fire.

· If there is a fire outside of your bedroom door, do not open the door. Keep the door closed prior to opening a window to escape.

· If you cannot escape from the window, keep away from the door and low to the ground. Situate yourself up against a wall. When firefighters go into a home full of smoke and fire, they use the wall to orient themselves in a room and will find you much easier.

— The fire on Terrace Drive on Sunday, July 5 at 12:20 p.m. that resulted in one adult female and one adult male being transported to EIRMC is still under investigation.

— The fire on Arrow Point Lane on Monday, July 6 at 12:52 p.m., which did not result in any injuries, is still under investigation.