The former Clark County clerk has been sentenced to two years’ probation for wrongly accepting a reimbursement check.

Pamela Barrett, 46, of Dubois, was sentenced Friday to probation, with a two-year underlying prison sentence hanging over her head. She was also sentenced to five days in jail, 50 hours of community service, and to pay $406 in restitution, a $100 fine and court costs. She also has 180 days of discretionary jail time, which is time a probation officer can impose if a person violates the conditions of their probation.

Barrett pleaded guilty in September to a felony count of misusing public funds, according to state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden’s office. Seventh District Judge Bruce Pickett sentenced her.

Barrett had requested reimbursement in December 2017 for using her personal vehicle to attend a work-related training, Wasden’s office said. She ended up using a county vehicle to attend the training but received the reimbursement anyway and deposited the money into her personal account.

Barrett resigned as county clerk in October after pleading guilty.

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