Keeton Doggett

Keeton Doggett poses for a photo recently at the intersection of Hitt Road and First Street. Doggett was the victim of a hit and run in August 2017. It was a year before a suspect, who was ultimately sentenced to six days in jail, was identified.

A man who was arrested for reportedly leaving the scene of an accident after running over a teen boy was sentenced Friday to six days in jail.

The charge against Kacey Spencer, 24, was reduced to a misdemeanor after he entered an Alford plea as part of an agreement with the Bonneville County Prosecutor’s Office. An Alford plea allows the accused person to deny they committed a crime, while admitting that the evidence would likely convince a jury to convict them.

Keeton Doggett was 15 when he was hit by a car while returning from work on Aug. 24. He gave a victim impact statement at the sentencing.

Doggett told Magistrate Judge L. Mark Riddoch he still remembered the pain after the car split his diaphragm open and pushed several of his organs into his upper torso. He had to relearn how to walk while undergoing multiple surgeries to install pins and a plate in his hip.

In an interview last January, Doggett told the Post Register he would need more surgeries to replace the hip plate. He said he can no longer run because stress on his hip could fracture his pelvis.

“I kept asking myself ‘why did this person do this to me? Why didn’t this person stop to see if I was okay?’” Doggett said.

Defense Attorney Marvin Stucki said his client was unaware anyone had been injured.

“Kacey had no knowledge of any injury or property damage, and he’s very empathetic toward Keeton Doggett,” Stucki said.

A year passed while the Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office investigated the incident. Spencer came under scrutiny after his friends and family noticed pictures of the car released by the sheriff’s office resembled his 2009 Ford F-250.

The day after the accident, Spencer added black vinyl covering to the driver’s side door and put a camper on the back of the truck. A friend of his told investigators Spencer had received calls from friends who recognized the vehicle as his.

Spencer told investigators he did not have insurance for the vehicle on Aug. 24. He first told a detective he had no reason to be near 1st Street and Hitt Road, where the incident happened, but later admitted he had a storage unit on 1st Street.

Bonneville County Deputy Prosecutor Tanner Crowther agreed with Stucki that the crash was an accident, and that was why Crowther had agreed to reduce the case to a misdemeanor. He was skeptical that Spencer was unaware he hit somebody.

“If anyone was going to report this, it should have been the driver,” Crowther said.

In addition to jail time, Riddoch sentenced Spencer to two years of supervised probation and a $500 fine.

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