Blake Clifford Cox


An Idaho Falls man who was charged for shoving a man and causing him to temporarily lose consciousness and to bleed from a head wound was sentenced to a year of probation and two weeks in jail. 

Blake Clifford Cox, 45, was working in December as a bouncer at Hurricanes, a bar in Idaho Falls, when he shoved a patron who was behaving belligerently. 

Cox originally was charged with aggravated battery. The charge was reduced to misdemeanor battery and disturbing the police as part of a plea agreement. 

Cox told Idaho Falls Police Department officers he told the victim to leave, and that the confrontation happened when the victim refused to get off the patio outside the bar. The victim told Cox he and a friend were waiting for a ride. 

Cox originally told police he gave the victim "a little push" to get him off the patio. Police reviewed security footage, which showed Cox shoving the victim, "unexpectedly and unprovoked," causing him to hit his head on a pole. 

The affidavit states that when the video showed him shoving the victim, Cox said: “I probably shouldn’t have pushed him like that.”

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