David Mottor


An Idaho Falls man was arrested Sept. 8 after he reportedly beat a woman.

Idaho Falls Police Department officers arrived to find the victim unconscious with multiple injuries. A witness told police he saw David Mottor, 36, shoving the victim.

When the victim woke up, she told officers Mottor had become violent with her and shoved her to the ground multiple times. In one incident, she said he grabbed her hair and hit her head against the ground multiple times. She said she punched Mottor, who punched her back. She also said she bit Mottor on the neck.

The victim was bleeding from her mouth when police found her and had a large bruise on her forehead. She also had marks on her cheek.

Mottor said the victim had attacked him first. He had blood near his eye and a purple mark on his neck. He told police he did not know how the victim had hit him because it "happened so fast." Mottor said the victim had been banging her head against the floor after the fight. He denied hitting the victim.

Mottor was charged with felony domestic battery, punishable with up to 10 years in prison. His bail was set at $25,000. A no-contact order was issued between him and the victim.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Bonneville County Courthouse.

Reporter Johnathan Hogan can be reached at 208-542-6746.