Eli Lewis

Eli Lewis

An Idaho Falls man was arrested Saturday after he reportedly set a house on fire.

According to an Idaho Falls Police Department news release, police responded to the home of Eli Lewis, 42, around 6 p.m. in Pinewood Estates. Police reportedly were told he was threatening to burn down the home.

The house was already on fire when officers arrived. Two officers retrieved fire extinguishers from their patrol cars and approached the entrance of the house, believing Lewis may still be inside.

The officers did not enter due to the flames and heavy smoke. A neighbor informed the officers that they had spoken to Lewis over the phone, and he told them he was not inside the house.

The Idaho Falls Fire Department arrived on scene and doused the flames. While investigating the cause of the fire, police and firefighters found two bottles of lighter fluid, a small propane tank, a five-gallon propane tank and charcoal. Police concluded Lewis started the fire on purpose.

Lewis was arrested and taken into custody. A case was not filed against Lewis on Monday, though police are recommending a charge of first-degree arson.

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