Miguel Angel Ramos


An Idaho Falls man has been charged after he reportedly raped an underage girl.

Miguel Angel Ramos, 18, has been charged with lewd conduct with a child under 16 years of age. If convicted, he could face up to life in prison.

According to court records, in April, Ramos drove the 14-year-old victim to a remote area where she could not leave without him and attempted to have sex with her. The probable cause affidavit states the victim told Ramos “no” multiple times.

The report stated Ramos has a history of sexual assault. In 2016 when Ramos was a high school freshman, he inappropriately touched an older student and was charged as a juvenile with sexual battery. The charge was reduced to misdemeanor battery as part of a plea agreement, and he was not required to register as a sex offender.

Ramos and his reported victim from the April incident met as coworkers at a restaurant. The affidavit states Ramos first asked the victim to “hang out” with him.

A week before the incident, Ramos drove her to remote hills and began touching the victim. The victim asked Ramos to stop multiple times, expressing concerns about the age difference. She said Ramos told her to pretend she was older. She said Ramos did eventually stop. The victim said she was unable to call anyone else to pick her up because her probation officer had confiscated her phone.

The victim went with Ramos a second time, believing he had understood when she previously said no. Ramos again tried to have sex with the victim and ignored her when she refused his advances. Court records state the victim said they had intercourse.

When the two returned to work, the victim said Ramos told her not to tell anyone what had happened.

During an interrogation by police, Ramos initially denied sexually assaulting the victim. When confronted by the victim’s statement, however, he admitted to having sex with her, saying it was consensual.

Under Idaho law sex between an adult and a minor is a crime by the adult if they are more than three years apart in age. According to court records, Ramos was three years and three months older than the victim.

Ramos was released Wednesday to pretrial services. A no-contact order was issued between him and the victim.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Nov. 15 in the Bonneville County Courthouse.