Shoesmith, Tanner


An Idaho Falls man was arrested early Sunday morning after, police said, he hit an officer who was trying to arrest him.

Police stopped a vehicle near 17th Street and Holmes Avenue when an officer recognized the driver as a person with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. The woman asked that the vehicle’s passenger be allowed to take the vehicle to avoid having it towed. Police agreed, but the passenger Tanner Shoesmith, 21, refused, saying his driver’s license was expired.

The officer recognized Shoesmith, who had outstanding misdemeanor and felony warrants, and knew from previous interactions that he was likely to flee. When the officer attempted to detain Shoesmith, police said, he stiffened his arms, pulled away from the officer and then lunged at him, striking him in the face. Several blows were exchanged as the officer tried to detain Shoesmith, who had to be taken to the ground with force multiple times and continued to fight. The officer’s handcuffs were knocked from his belt during the altercation, and he held Shoesmith at Taser-point until another officer arrived to help.

The officer, who suffered a cut upper lip, an injury to the right eye, numerous cuts on the right hand, an injury to his right thumb and an abrasion on the left hand, was evaluated at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center. Blood work was also done to see if any diseases had been transferred, which is standard protocol for officers in cases where blood or spit may have been transferred.

Shoesmith was arrested for felony battery on a police officer, misdemeanor resisting and obstructing, a felony probation violation warrant and two misdemeanor warrants. He was also evaluated at EIRMC before being taken to Bonneville County Jail, where he was still being held as of Monday afternoon.

Police Department Spokeswoman Jessica Clements said in an email that the incident was the 23rd time that an IFPD officer had been assaulted, resulting in arrest charges, during the course of their duties in 2019.

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