George Martindale


An Idaho Falls man was sentenced Thursday to a year of unsupervised probation for fracturing another man's skull.

A probable cause affidavit states George Addington Martindale, 47, was fighting with the victim in June when he hit the victim with a hammer.

Martindale was first charged with aggravated battery, but the charge was reduced to two counts of misdemeanor battery and one count of unlawful entry as part of a plea agreement.

Bonneville County Deputy Prosecutor Tanner Crowther said the case was reduced to three misdemeanors at the request of the victim.

According to the report, the victim was visiting a friend who was dating Martindale's daughter. Martindale and his son arrived to confront the friend, and the victim intervened by putting Martindale's son in a chokehold.

Martindale hit the victim in the head with a hammer from behind. The victim’s friends took him to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for treatment. A doctor told police the blow fractured the victim’s skull. The victim later was released from the hospital.

Martindale's son told the prosecutor he was struggling to breathe while in the chokehold. Crowther said this raised the possibility that Martindale's actions were an act of defense.

Martindale's daughter reported her father tried to hit the victim a second time, but that he hit her instead. Martindale and his son both left the scene. He was arrested in November.

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