A Bonneville County Jail inmate who punched a deputy was sentenced to probation Monday.

Brady Inglish, 31, was charged in November 2017 after the altercation in the jail. According to court records, Inglish took medication that was not his in the jail.

Deputies told Inglish he needed to purchase his own medication. Inglish complained about the cost and his sleeping conditions. When deputies attempted to move him, Inglish punched one of the deputies in the forehead.

Both the defense and prosecution recommended a probation sentence Monday. Public Defender John Thomas said while Ingish’s actions were serious, they were also the result of a psychotic episode.

Thomas also said Inglish’s treatment had been mishandled. According to Thomas, when his client needed medical treatment, he was not allowed to go to the hospital because it was deemed a safety concern. Thomas said Inglish was instead sent to a prison facility where he did not receive treatment and was held in solitary confinement between February and March.

Thomas said Inglish had been accepted into Mental Health Court and could succeed with support. He also cited Inglish’s military history and said he was receiving treatment for his mental health through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

“He would never have done that had he been in his right mind with the appropriate medication,” Thomas said.

Bonneville County Assistant Chief Deputy Prosecutor Tanner Crowther said the injuries Inglish caused had cost the deputy more than $3,000 in medical expenses.

“You can still see the scar that was left from the battery in this case,” Crowther said.

Crowther said he had discussed the potential sentence with the victim, and he agreed probation was appropriate.

District Judge Joel Tingey sentenced Inglish to three years of probation with an underlying sentence of two-to-four years in prison. He said he hoped Inglish would succeed on probation, but that his crimes were still serious.

“We ask a lot of our law enforcement personnel, and to take a punch is not one of them that we find acceptable,” Tingey said.

Reporter Johnathan Hogan can be reached at 208-542-6746.

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