DJ Stamper


An Idaho Falls man who beat a woman and choked her until she passed out was sentenced to a rider program Monday.

District Judge Dane Watkins Jr. gave D.J. Stamper, 43, an underlying sentence of three to 10 years in prison, citing the seriousness of his acts and his prior abuse history.

Stamper originally was charged with attempted strangulation. It was reduced to felony domestic battery as part of a plea agreement. A charge for dismissing or obstructing officers was dismissed as part of the agreement.

Stamper was arrested in June after a witness saw him beating the victim and spitting on her. According to court records, Stamper shoved the victim into a towel rack then threw her against a chair, choking her.

The victim briefly lost consciousness before fleeing the residence with Stamper behind her. The witness stepped forward to stop the attack, but Stamper threatened the witness with brass knuckles.

Stamper then attacked the victim again until the witness returned and intervened. A second witness called police. Stamper fled when police arrived but was caught a block from the attack. 

At his sentencing, Stamper said he was humiliated and ashamed of his actions. He told Watkins he wanted to focus on anger management before returning t his family.

"I would rather go someplace where I can get treatment before I go home," Stamper said.

Though the defense had asked Watkins to consider probation, the judge determined the crime warranted more punishment and that Stamper needed treatment before returning to the community.

"The state used the word 'harm,' and that's the word I will adopt," Watkins said. "You caused harm." 

A rider program, also known as retained jurisdiction, allows a defendant to go through a treatment program lasting six months to a year. At the end of the program, the Idaho Department of Correction reports on Stamper's progress and Watkins can either impose the rest of the prison sentence or release Stamper on probation.

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