Peter Kerry England


An Idaho Falls man who drew a gun in the parking lot of a bowling alley has been sentenced to a year of unsupervised probation.

Peter Kerry England, 21, was arrested last month and charged with aggravated assault. The case was reduced to misdemeanor exhibition of a weapon and disturbing the peace, both misdemeanors.

England admitted to threatening the victim when questioned by police, claiming he believed the man was threatening him.

A fight had broken out at the bowling alley between two groups earlier in the day, according to court records. The victim, an employee at the bowling alley, told police he saw England hit another man with his black Mercedes during the fight. The victim said he was running over to stop England from running over the man.

England rolled his window down when the victim approached and pointed a gun at him. The victim put his hands up and backed away.

Police arrived and broke up the fight. Witnesses confirmed England was the only one who had drawn a weapon, and gave officers his license plate number and a description of his appearance.

England told police he thought the victim was a member of the other group, and that the victim intended to attack him.

England was given a suspended sentence of 115 days in jail, which he will not have to serve if he follows the terms of his probation. He was also ordered to pay $915 in fines and fees.