Yesterday afternoon, shortly before 1 p.m., Idaho Falls Police Dispatch were notified of a suspicious incident. The caller reported a concerning conversation with a male residing at a residence on Wintergreen Avenue, and requested a police response.

Idaho Falls Police Officers responded and quickly gathered enough information to be concerned that a serious crime had occurred. Officers made multiple attempts to safely contact anyone in the residence, but were unsuccessful.

Due to the serious nature of the suspected crime, and the unknown elements of who or what they may find in the house, the Idaho Falls Police SWAT Team was activated. Residents immediately neighboring the residence in all directions were notified by officers or Idaho Falls Police dispatchers of the police activity. Certain roadways around the residence were blocked as a precautionary measure for residents and to allow officers room to work.

The SWAT team was quickly assembled and made additional attempts to contact anyone inside the residence, but again with no response. The SWAT team made entry into the residence and found two individuals who appeared to be deceased. The SWAT team escorted paramedics into the residence who confirmed that both individuals were deceased and that there were no life-saving measures that could be taken. Both individuals had sustained gunshot wounds.

At that point, all police and medical personnel exited the residence while a search warrant was obtained. Upon obtaining the search warrant, Idaho Falls Police Detectives began an investigation into the deaths. The firearm was found in the residence. The investigation is ongoing, but at this time all indications point to a murder suicide. We do not believe there is any further threat to the public.

The deceased suspect is Alejandro Hernandez, a 60-year-old male. The victim is Rosaura Murillo, a 51-year-old female. Family members of both individuals have been notified.

We recognize that this is a difficult time for family members and friends of the deceased, and as a department we offer our condolences to them. We’d like to thank residents in the area for their patience and understanding as we responded and processed the scene.